Why Do Some Edibles Hit You So Hard?

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The Best Place To Start, Figure Out What Potency Is Right For You!

You ate the same THC cookie as your friend, but they’re comfortably laughing while you’re on the verge of a panic attack.

Why do edibles affect people differently, and why do some edibles hit harder than others?

Cannabis edibles and how people react to them can be a bit complex. That’s why in this brief article aimed at helping you have the best experience, we’re going over what you need to know about potency in edibles.

You’ll learn how to find the best THC edible dose for you, and how to avoid taking overdoing it. Read until the end and you’ll be rewarded with a special discount offer on Canadian Edibles!

Weed Edibles and THC Potency

If you’ve ever eaten too much THC in an edible then you know that feeling: nervousness, a racing heart, an overactive mind, maybe even a little paranoia or fear.

Consuming a THC edible generally has a stronger effect than smoking it. Unlike smoking cannabis though, the effects of eating edibles take a while to onset and tend to last much longer. This is where many people make their first mistake on the path to a “bad trip”.

The THC cookie you ate was supposed to be potent, but after fifteen minutes you don’t feel anything. So you have one or two more just to make sure.

Before you know it, you feel like you’ve been blasted out of a cannon towards the outer rim of Jupiter never to return.

How Do You Avoid Taking Too Much THC?

So, how can you avoid overdosing on THC edibles?

The easiest way to avoid consuming too much THC is to know the potency of your edible. For starters, how many milligrams of THC does your edible contain?

The potency of homemade edibles is often unpredictable. One brownie might make you feel great, but it might also be enough to stone an elephant. You need to be extra careful!

Homemade Edibles

Unless the baker has meticulously calculated serving size and potency, it’s hard to predict the strength of most homemade edibles.

To avoid overdosing on THC edibles, start with half a portion or less and wait. Only consume more if you feel confident about it and practice moderation to avoid taking too much.

Better yet, just order pre-dosed edibles from Canadian Edibles (with clearly labeled potency on the package) so you know exactly how much THC you’re taking every time.

What’s The Best THC Potency For Taking Edibles?

Everyone responds differently to THC. That means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to picking the right potency edible.

If you are experienced and have a high tolerance for cannabis, it’s safe to say you could go for a high potency edible.

Of course, again, high potency is relative to the person eating the edible. If you’ve never eaten one in your life, pretty much any potency is going to be high.

Always start in low doses (10mg of THC) to see how it affects you before moving up to higher potencies.

If you use cannabis or edibles a few times per year then perhaps you can go with a more moderate potency edible, around 20mg or more.

What About Taking CBD Edibles?

Want to enjoy the relaxing benefits of cannabis edibles without the psychoactive effects of THC? CBD edibles offer a deep, calming sensation without any intoxicating effects.

Since CBD doesn’t make you feel high or stoned, they’re a great way to avoid any negative side effects from THC altogether. While CBD isn’t intoxicating, people taking it report a powerful semi-euphoric sensation that relaxes the body and mind.

Looking for a more balanced approach to taking edibles? Combine the power of THC with CBD! The CBD works synergistically with THC to create a holistic balance between feeling high and completely relaxed.

A ratio of 1:1 THC: CBD in edibles offers a well-rounded effect for users experienced and inexperienced alike. It’s also a great potency for beginners just stepping into their journey with THC and edibles.

CBD and THC are the two primary active compounds in cannabis and hemp plants. Taking them together enhances the overall experience of edibles.

You can even customize your cannabis experience by trying different ratios and combinations of THC and CBD.

For example, a Cookie with 20mg of THC: CBD in a 1:1 ratio will have a smooth effect with low psychoactive effects. On the other end, you could try eating one cookie with 100 mg. of THC and another cookie with 20mg of CBD only.

This 5:1 THC: CBD means you’ll get a potent high effect that is smoothed out by the CBD. It also means you get to eat two cookies!

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How can you have the best experience with edibles? You’ll need to know the potency and ratio of cannabinoids in your edible.

The best way to know the edible potency is to order from a reputable retailer with clearly labeled products.

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