What Are The Best Edibles for Me?

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What are the most popular cannabis edibles in 2021?

How do you pick the best cannabis edible?

You’ll need to consider not only which is the best, but also which is the  the best edible  for you.
This quick read guides you through what you should consider when buying edibles online. By the end, you’ll know which is the best for you.

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Now, let’s take a look at the most popular edibles in 2021 to see which will fit your lifestyle.

What Should You First Look For When Buying Edibles?

The primary active ingredients in cannabis edibles are called phytocannabinoids.  The main phytocannabinoid compounds that contribute to the potency of edibles are THC and CBD.

The phytocannabinoid potency is the first thing you should consider when shopping for cannabis edibles online to ensure an optimal experience.

Edibles come in a wide range of potencies, as well as various ratios of THC: CBD. Here’s a crash course on potency and how to pick the right profile for your needs:

How To Choose and Pick Edibles To Eat

Picking THC Cannabis Edibles By Potency

THC is the main intoxicating compound in cannabis. The more THC content in your edible, the stronger the psychoactive effect will be.

Generally, 10mg of THC per serving is considered an average dose. It won’t make you feel blasted, but it will be enough to lighten the mood.
However, those accustomed to the effects of cannabis can choose higher potencies such as 20mg of THC  or more. Sometimes too much THC can be overwhelming and uncomfortable, so make sure you know your tolerance levels before overindulging.

Picking CBD Edibles By Potency

This is where CBD comes into play. CBD edibles offer the relaxing and mood-boosting benefits of cannabis without the intoxicating effects of THC.

CBD in edibles helps to balance out the intensity of THC, offering a more holistic and smooth experience. Overall, THC and CBD potency comes down to personal preference and each person’s unique needs when it comes to cannabis.
For those who wish to avoid THC because of drug testing or potential psychoactive side effects, CBD edibles are the best choice.

The Potency of CBD Edibles, Does It Matter?

Although CBD isn’t intoxicating, it’s best to start with lower doses: around 10-20mg for your first time.

This way, you’ll know how CBD affects you and can work your way up towards higher potencies over a week or two until you’ve reached the desired effect.
CBD has a naturally calming effect that encourages rest; however, in smaller doses (less than 20mg), CBD may stimulate concentration and mood..

Use your intuition, preference, and experience with cannabis to figure out what might be the best potency and THC: CBD ratio for you.
For confident beginners just starting with edibles, try a chocolate chip cookie with a 1:1 THC: CBD ratio.

Cannabis Cookies

The Best Weed Edible Cookies Options

Once you have your preferred potency and phytocannabinoid profile picked out, choose an edible that you like.

If you’re more of a sweets and baked goods type of person, you’ll most likely enjoy cannabis edibles such as cookies.
Love sweets, but want a more complex texture than the classic chewy cannabis cookie?

More adventurous edibles enthusiasts with a sweet tooth might go for a delicious cannabis chocolate macaroon instead. Unlike cookies, macaroons have more density, making them a bit more crispy and fudgy.
Those more advanced in edibles with a high tolerance might venture into hero dose levels by indulging in something like a  Chocolate Macaroon with 200mg of THC.

THC Gummies Online

The Best Weed Gummies Options

The best edible for you will be one that has your preferred phytocannabinoid profile and potency but also one that has your favourite taste and texture—both critical factors in the edibles experience. If you’re not a lover of baked goods, your best edible choice by far will be cannabis gummies.
Cannabis gummies come in a variety of fun flavours and a wide range of potencies. The same suggestions for choosing your baked edibles’ potency applies to gummies.

First, find your preferred potency and profile, then pick your favourite flavour. If you are really into snacking, maybe go for the lower potency gummies so you can have a few of them without getting too intoxicated.
If texture is important to you, try these awesome lego-shaped gummies.

What should those longing for a nostalgic edible experience try? These classic cherry bomb cannabis gummy bears should do the trick!

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