What Are Cannabis Tinctures & Concentrates? (Shatter, Wax, Oils)

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A quick guide to cannabis concentrates like tinctures, shatter, wax, oils, and more.

If you’ve been wondering about cannabis concentrates, then you’ve come to the right place.

By the end of this blog, you’ll have some helpful knowledge and tips on types of concentrates and how to pick the best fit for your needs.
Plus, you’ll be able to pick from the best cannabis concentrates in Canada and get access to special discounts. Let’s get started!

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are any form of highly concentrated cannabis extract or oil. Typically, the term “concentrates” refers to products created for vaping or dabbing, such as wax, shatter, and isolate.
However, cannabis products such as tinctures and oils made for ingesting also fall into the concentrates category.
Cannabis Gel Capsules

Cannabis Soft Gel Capsules

The most straightforward introduction to cannabis concentrates is soft gel capsules. These are familiar gel capsules that are easy to take and feature a measured amount of cannabis extract.
Capsules are great for people who don’t want to vape or smoke and enjoy a consistently accurate dose of cannabis compounds. Soft gel cannabis capsules come in various potencies and phytocannabinoid profiles, making it easy to optimize the experience for your circumstances and needs.
CBD & THC Tinctures

Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are a type of concentrate diluted with carrier oils like coconut oil or ethanol to craft a custom potency. Tinctures are held under the tongue or added to food and beverage.
Cannabis tinctures come with a dropper top that features measured lines. This makes it very easy to increase or decrease your dose as needed.
This type of cannabis concentrate offers fast-acting effects and is an excellent choice for those who choose not to smoke or vape cannabis.
You can choose from cannabis tinctures in a range of potencies and phytocannabinoid profiles best suited for your needs.

Cannabis Oil Vape Carts

The best cannabis oil vape carts are made using THC distillate. Vape carts with high airflow provide the optimal experience as they allow a more controlled inhale, helping you to moderate your cannabis dosing.
Vape carts are notorious for containing potentially harmful additives and cannabis oil that doesn’t vape properly. Always pick a high-quality cannabis oil vape that is free from vegetable glycerin, PG, and other artificial fillers.
If your vape cart doesn’t taste great, something is wrong! Cannabis distillate carts reintroduce natural terpenes to provide both high potency and strain-specific flavors like Grape Smash and Skittles.
Vape carts are a great way to step beyond flower and into the concentrates world. They’re easy to use, portable, and help you to take as little or as much as you need depending on your circumstances.

Strain-Specific THC Distillate

THC Distillate is the highest quality concentrate available. It’s purer than other concentrates such as shatter or wax. Distillates are almost pure THC making them .
Unlike regular concentrates, they’re completely free from any residual chemical solvents and unwanted compounds or plant materials.
Keep in mind that THC distillate is extremely potent! Unfortunately, the process of high-quality distillation removes naturally occurring terpene compounds that contribute to the overall effect of cannabis.
Luckily, they can be recaptured and the natural terpene compounds can be reintroduced to the final THC distillate. This helps craft high-quality strain-specific THC distillates like Skywalker OG distillate and Skittles distillate.
So if you’re wondering which is better wax, shatter, or distillate, always go with the distillate for an optimal experience. Just remember, it’s extremely potent!
Distillate is great to use with vaporizers, dab rigs, to add to flower, or even use for making edibles! You can even find distillate available in syringes that make it easy to measure doses of cannabinoids.
CBD Isolate Powder

CBD Isolate Powder

CBD isolate is a pure cannabidiol compound in powder form. It’s completely free from THC and any other unwanted compounds.
The flavorless powder is extremely potent in pure cannabidiol and is great to use in the kitchen or to make your own CBD topicals and.
CBD isolate powder offers a great way to get relief without the concern for psychoactive effects from THC. And it’s easy to add into smoothies to help with diet and training, in your edibles, or use it to make your own CBD topicals.

Canadian Cannabis Concentrates

Did you pick your favorite type of cannabis concentrate?
To summarize, if you’re just not the smoking or vaping type, then try out a tincture of soft gel.
For the more adventurous types, start with a vape cart to step into the concentrates world. You’ll soon find out if it’s for you or not.
Don’t forget that concentrates are much more potent than regular cannabis flower. Now, are you ready to dive in?
Browse the catalog of high-quality cannabis concentrates that Canadian Edibles has to offer.
Act now to get special discounts on all of our cannabis products with delivery throughout Canada today!
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