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Orange Spritz 4:1 40mg CBD/10mg THC



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Wake up your taste buds with Canadian Edibles’ delicious Orange Spritz 4:1 Gummies. Their sweet and tangy citrus flavour is perfectly paired with a splash of sparkling wine essence to deliver a bright and refreshing taste. Infused with a 4:1 mix of premium CBD isolate and THC distillate, our orange spritz gummies allow you to maintain a high level of functionality while experiencing the uplifting effects of a calm, mellow high.

Our Orange Spritz 4:1 Gummies are available in two different doses, so no matter your tolerance or experience level, we’ve got something perfect for you! Their convenient brick shape also makes it easy to split these gummies into smaller, even portions so you can achieve your ideal dose.

• Made with a 4:1 ratio of pure CBD isolate (99.9%) and THC distillate (94%)
• Available in 20mg CBD:5mg THC and 40mg CBD:10mg THC doses
• Gluten-free
• Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate to maintain freshness

Remember to keep these tasty treats away from tiny fingers and furry friends!

Want more? Our delicious 4:1 Gummies are also available in Cherry Bomb and Grapple flavours, and combo packs so you can try them all!