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Enjoy a pure and potent high with Canadian Edibles’ Distillate. Compact and easy to use, our highly concentrated distillate delivers a powerful hit of THC. Whether you choose to dab it, vape it, or ingest it directly, this versatile product allows you to customize your cannabis experience.

Our premium concentrated THC distillate contains absolutely no fillers or additives. Infused with naturally flavoured terpenes, you can kick back with the taste and aromatic profile of your favourite strain or enjoy a smooth hit of fruity flavour. Canadian Edibles’ distillate is available in Grape Smash, Skywalker OG, Watermelon, and Skittles.

• 1g premium THC distillate
• Infused with naturally flavoured terpenes
• Available in Grape Smash, Skywalker OG, Watermelon, and Skittles flavours
• No VG, PG, fillers, or additives