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Chocolate Chip Cookie CBD 20mg



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Nothing brings you back to your childhood quite like the taste of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, but now that we’re all grown up, we feel it’s high time to give this timeless treat a bit of an upgrade. Soft, chewy and full of delicious chocolate chips, our Chocolate Chip CBD Cookie is the epitome of ooey gooey, chocolately goodness. Infused with premium CBD isolate, this chocolate chip cookie can help relieve stress and anxiety, and give you an overall sense of calm. Satisfying your sweet tooth has never been more rewarding!

Our Chocolate Chip CBD Cookie is available in a range of doses from 20mg to 100mg and contains no psychoactive properties, so no matter your tolerance or experience level, we’ve got something for you!

• Made with pure CBD isolate (99.9%)
• Available in 20mg, 60mg, and 100mg doses
• Contains: Gluten, Eggs, Dairy, Coconut
• Store in a cool, dry place, or refrigerate to maintain freshness

Like all our products at Canadian Edibles, our classic Chocolate Chip CBD Cookie is made with high-quality ingredients like organic cane sugar, cold pressed virgin coconut oil and premium semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Remember to keep these tasty treats away from tiny fingers and furry friends!