Misconceptions Surrounding Edibles

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Setting the record straight about cannabis edibles, potency, bad trips, and how to get great experiences.

As cannabis culture emerges into mainstream society, it’s more important than ever to make sure we wrap our heads around this plant properly.
Smoking cannabis is still pretty straightforward, but with the emergence of the legal cannabis industry, large companies and big brands are mass producing all kinds of cannabis edibles like never before.
Before things get too out of hand, let’s clear the fog on eating cannabis edibles. This article aims to clarify some lingering confusion on cannabis edibles.
By the end of this short read, you should know more about eating cannabis than you did initially. Plus, stick around until the end, and we’ll give you a special offer on cannabis edibles in Canada.

1. Putting Weed in Your Brownie Batter Doesn’t Work

The number of people that throw raw cannabis flowers into their brownie box mix to make homemade cannabis edibles is beyond me!
If you’re still making cannabis brownies this way, you’re losing—at minimum—about half the potency of your cannabis. For the body to be able to process the cannabinoids in cannabis flower, they must first be “activated.”
When smoking cannabis, this process occurs instantaneously, but it never happens in the brownie batter or the stomach.
It’s called decarboxylation, and it refers to how heat and pressure will remove carbon atoms from the molecular structure of cannabinoids, converting them into an “activated” state. This restores certain cannabinoids such as THC to a molecular state that the digestive system can easily process.
Try toasting your cannabis flower in an oven at about 240 degrees Fahrenheit (low heat) for 20-30 minutes to decarboxylate and activate the cannabinoids before mixing the flower into your mix.
This extra step might seem pointless, but it will make your edibles much stronger and more effective. Just don’t burn your cannabis flower! Remember to keep it low and slow, and the entire process shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.
Pro tip: Keep a lid, tin foil, or some other cover on your herb while it decarboxylates to retain the more volatile terpenes that tend to vaporize in this process.

2. Mangoes and Marijuana?

An age-old myth says eating mangoes before you smoke or eat cannabis edibles will amplify your high and make you feel very stoned.
Is the marijuana and mango myth truth or fiction? Well, technically, it could be true, but it’s one of those “it’s possible, but probably not a common thing” type situations.
While the myth may be born from anecdotal legend, science backs it up—mangoes contain a terpene called myrcene, also present in cannabis. In fact, myrcene is the most prevalent terpene found in cannabis.
Myrcene is known to synergize the effects of THC, making it more effective at crossing the blood-brain barrier. Essentially, THC “piggy-backs” a ride on myrcene molecules, allowing more of it to reach the brain’s cannabinoid receptors.
However, only certain mangoes contain high concentrations of myrcene, and only when they’re at peak maturity and ripeness.
So, yes, if you get the right mango at the right time and eat the whole thing before smoking or eating THC edibles, it could theoretically increase your high.
However, we don’t have any scientific studies on this, and the experience could be chalked up to a placebo effect, but there’s only one way to truly find out!

3. Cannabis Edibles Are Only for Dessert?

While cannabis edibles have essentially been around since the dawn of mankind, the famous “pot brownie” was first popularized in Western culture by Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein’s life partner, who published a cookbook in the 1950s that included a recipe for hash brownies.
Pot brownies may be the tried and true classic cannabis edible, but it’s 2021 now. Are we still going to limit ourselves to a run-of-the-mill homemade hash brownie?
Today’s cannabis edibles are nearly limitless in form, variety, and potency. Baked goods and gummies are among the most popular types of cannabis edibles out there, but you’ll also find cannabis-infused beverages, candies, and much more.
Feeling nostalgic? Click here to read about the history of cannabis edibles.

4. Should I Eat The Whole Edible?

Probably not. For novice and beginners new to consuming cannabis edibles, we highly recommend eating a small portion and waiting up to an hour and a half before consuming more.
It’s really easy for cannabis edibles to sneak up on you, leaving you melting into the couch or worse, having a bad trip.
Don’t eat the whole portion or serving size suggested at first, especially if you’re new to cannabis edibles. Even if you have a strong tolerance, it’s always best to take a small sample of any edible you’ve never tried before and wait to see how it affects you.
This is the best way to avoid a bad experience and get the most enjoyment out of your cannabis edibles. You can always take a little bit more, but once you eat it, it’s in you!

5. Even Lab-Tested Cannabis Edibles Vary in Potency

Truth be told, the cannabis industry is still largely in its infancy. Laboratory testing, cannabis chemistry, and large scale production of cannabis edibles is still a very new industry.
That means that even lab-tested cannabis edibles might be mislabeled in terms of potency.
For example, cannabis edibles labelled as containing 100mg of THC might be inaccurate, usually under potency rather than over, according to High Time’s columnist and cannabis edibles editor, Elise McDonough.
Beginner potencies usually start between 5mg-15mg for THC edibles. So, before you jump up to 100mg THC edibles, start with just a sample and let us know how it goes!

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