How Long Do THC Edibles Take To Kick In?

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Learn what to expect from your THC edibles experience

Cannabis edibles offer a diverse range of experiences that can last for a short time or many hours.
How much time should you clear off your calendar when indulging in your favourite edibles? This article will teach you exactly what you can expect and will answer questions about how long THC edibles take to kick in, how long the effects last, and what to expect afterward.
By the end of this short read, you’ll know all about the effects of THC edibles.
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How Long Do THC Edibles Take To Start Working?

The time it takes for THC edibles to begin taking effect is called the onset time. The onset time for THC edibles will vary depending on several factors including:

● Bodyweight
● Cannabis tolerance
● Environment
● Mood and personality
● Potency
● Dosage
● Physiological state (digestion, excitement, etc.)

THC affects each person differently. What is a light, heady high in one person can be an intense psychedelic trip for another. Therefore, it can be difficult to say exactly how long THC edibles might take to begin working for each individual.
Typically, the effects of THC edibles can take half an hour to an hour to onset. Eating higher potencies or taking larger doses won’t necessarily speed up onset time either, so be patient.
When eating or drinking cannabis, the THC must first pass through the digestive system and the liver. This is why it takes a while for the effects of edibles to be felt.
Although effects take longer to onset, the benefit of enjoying cannabis edibles is that the effects of THC are more evenly spread throughout the body and typically last longer than they might with smoking or vaping cannabis.

What Makes THC Edibles Act Faster?

If you are impatient with your edibles and want them to act faster, a few things can speed up the process.
For example, if you take THC edibles on an empty stomach, dehydrated, or intoxicated with alcohol or other substances, the effects can onset more robustly than expected.

When Should I Serve THC Edibles At A Dinner Party?

If you’ve got some tasty cannabis edibles prepared for the dessert at your dinner party, you might be wondering when you should serve them for optimal effects.
How long will edibles take to kick in, and how long will they last after dinner? On a full stomach, you can expect THC edibles to take up to an hour to kick in.
If you don’t want to wait so long for the effects of edibles to onset, consider THC edibles as an appetizer or infuse THC into your main course, rather than waiting for dessert.
This way, the effects will begin to onset just as dinner is finishing, and those who want an extra dose can go for the dessert edibles.
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How Long Do The Effects of THC Edibles Last?

Generally, 10mg of THC is considered a standard dose for the average cannabis edibles experience. This amount will give a moderate and gentle high for the typical person.
How long the effects of THC edibles last depends on several factors and will differ for each person. Typically, the more THC consumed, the longer the effects will last.
You can expect THC doses less than 25mg to last for maybe 2-3 hours, they might last up to 4 hours or more for some people. In higher doses, the effects of THC can last all day and even leave you feeling a bit groggy the following day.
How do the effects of THC edibles compare with smoking cannabis?
Consider a one-gram pre-roll joint of cannabis that has 20% THC potency.
This means that in one gram of cannabis flower, there is 200mg of THC. If it were 15% THC potency, there would be 150mg of THC in one gram of cannabis flower.
Smoking 200mg of THC is highly potent for most users, and the effects might last for 2-3 hours, depending on the person. That said, consuming 200mg of THC edibles will have a much more potent effect, and the effects will usually last significantly longer than smoking.
For the most optimal experience with THC edibles, your best bet is to start with lower doses and potencies and slowly work your way up to what feels best to you.
It can be easy to over-consume THC, but luckily cannabis is non-toxic and won’t cause harm in adults. If you over-consume THC, you might feel nervous, anxious, or paranoid.
Taking CBD can help reduce the negative effects of too much THC, but you should also be aware that the experience of a THC overdose won’t physically harm you (it’ll likely just make you feel uncomfortable).
Remember, higher potencies don’t always equate to better experiences with cannabis.
To help you keep track and figure out what is best for you, try to write down how much THC edibles you consume in one sitting, and note how your body responds after one-hour.
This way, you’ll have a better understanding of how much THC to take next time.

High Potency THC Edibles in Canada

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