Cooking With THC​? (How To Guide & Recipe)

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Have you always wanted to try cooking with cannabis, but aren’t sure where to start?

This article will teach you the basics, so you can dive in right away.

Cooking with THC isn’t that different from regular cooking or baking, but the finished goods will get you baked!

THC infused Butter, Milk, and Oil

THC and most other cannabis compounds are fat-soluble, which means they’ll dissolve easily into things such as butter, oils, and some types of dairy, etc.

Should you use THC butter or THC oil? The answer depends on what you’re cooking, baking, or preparing. Cannabutter, or cannabis-infused butter, is great for making things like muffins, cookies and cakes, or can be added to toast, pasta, potatoes, or anywhere else butter is used.

THC oil will go well in things such as salad dressings, sauces, soups, and other recipes that call for ingredients such as olive oil. Note that the flavor of full-spectrum THC oil has a very invasive herbal flavor that may alter the taste of the recipe. Also, THC oil, butter, or any other cannabis-infusion should never be directly heated. This will quickly destroy the quality and cannabinoid content of the oil.

Milk and creams can also be infused with THC and cannabis. When it comes to making the cannabis fusion, the heavier or fattier the dairy the better, as it will absorb the compounds from the cannabis.

Other types of THC cannabis concoctions coming from the kitchen include items like THC-infused beverages. That’s right— you can use

alcohol-based cannabis tinctures to spice up your drinks and spritzers. Just remember to always use cannabis and alcohol together in moderation.

Consumption and Consent

There are a few cardinal rules when it comes to cooking with THC. The first is to be aware of the potency per serving in whatever you are crafting. That means being aware of the potency of the infusion or concentrate that you’re using from the start. It also means that you, or someone else, should probably sample a small portion of the prepared THC food or drink before serving it to others. The second rule is: don’t give anyone THC edibles or infused drinks without first letting them know it contains cannabis.

Cannabis Cookies

A topic that commonly comes up when cooking with THC is overconsumption. If someone who is unfamiliar with cannabis edibles eats too much, they may experience a bad trip, or worse, a panic attack.

This is why it’s important to know how much THC is in each serving of your recipe. Then, to eat only a small amount before waiting a while to see how you feel.

It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for the effects of ingested THC to onset. Be patient, and wait to feel the effects of the first portion before considering eating more.

Dosing THC in Your Recipes

How do you know how potent an edible is, or how much THC is in a serving? The difference could be astounding depending on the recipe, so make sure to measure twice.

When it comes to using cannabis butter, if you find that your cannabutter recipe has created an incredibly potent butter, you can just add more regular butter to complete your recipe.

If one tablespoon makes you feel the effects, then you can use that measure to approximate how many edible experiences your recipe will adequately serve.

This is a very rough metric to use, but most people using THC in the kitchen aren’t measuring THC milligrams per serving. Instead, they’re using smaller amounts of dry cannabis to create infused recipes with an approximate potency per serving.

That being said, with THC oil and tinctures, it’s a little easier to dose home recipes.

For example, most THC oils and tinctures will include a dropper that has measurement lines. This way you always know how many milliliters of oil or tincture are being administered.

To know how much THC is in half a milliliter of tincture or oil, you can just divide the size (ml.) of the bottle by the number of milligrams (mg.) to get the number of mg. per 1ml.

Then, simply divide that amount in half and you’ll know exactly how much THC per half milliliter of oil or tincture you have, which is typically about enough for one serving size in a cocktail, or salad dressing.

Our final tip for cooking with THC is to get creative, and to have fun!

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