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Tinctures are essentially alcohol infused with cannabis. They’re a less invasive alternative to smoking and more comfortable to consume.
Tinctures are a great alternative to smoking cannabis, praised for their various uses and easy consumption. They are easier than other forms of cannabis when it comes to production, storage, and transport. Due to their precise production process, tinctures are highly lauded. A high percentage of alcohol is infused into cannabis using droppers. Tinctures use alcohol to extract terpenes and cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD from plant material. It’s important to note that unlike tinctures, cannabis oils purge all solvents due to their product of consumption (inhalation).
Benefits of Tinctures In the realm of cannabis, tinctures provide quite a long list of benefits:
  • There is no evident cannabis smell
  • Effects often hit soon after consumption and tend to last longer
  • Easier than smoking
  • Longer shelf life
Using Tinctures
If you’re new to tinctures and this form of consumption, start with one or two drops under the tongue. Upon taking the drops, hold off on administering any more for at least an hour and a half. In addition to administering tinctures sublingually, you can also mix them into food and drink. Since they’re low in calories, people enjoy putting tinctures into their food.
Concentrates (also known as Cannabis Extracts)
Concentrates – or cannabis extracts (an umbrella term for a liquid or solid form of cannabis products, including tinctures, shatter, wax and oil) are the product of cannabis flowers being processed into more potent forms with added resin.

Ready to Try Tinctures?

Tinctures work for people that may prefer not to smoke or vape cannabis, whether it be due to illness or age. In social situations where you may want to lay low with your cannabis consumption, tinctures can be very beneficial. Cannabis smell will always draw attention. Not everyone likes that; therefore, tinctures can be of great help because they’re practically odourless. You can still get that same high that you want but with less of a fuss. 

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