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Welcome! If you’re looking for edibles, you’ve come to the right place: We have the highest grade Cannabis and Psilocybin Mushroom products in Canada. Using top quality, hand-batched Canadian ingredients, our edibles are finely-cured, hand-trimmed, and packaged for prime consumption.
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Our Vision & Beliefs

At Canadian Edibles, we take what we do very seriously. From curing our cannabis to sourcing premium Canadian-grown ingredients, hand-batching, and packaging, we take care at every stage to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality product possible. Explore our entire range of delicious and innovative products and learn more about how cannabis and psilocybin can help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.
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GummY Edibles

Each taste of our special gummies delivers a totally unique and delightful experience. Made with premium, locally-sourced Canadian ingredients, these delectable treats will have you feeling fine at any time of the day.
Mushroom Edibles Being Made Vancouver

Baked Edibles

Nothing satisfies your sweet tooth quite like the delicious taste of a baked edible. Enjoy a cookie with your coffee or finish your meal with a macaroon. Crafted with local ingredients, our selection of baked treats will ensure you’re always getting your just desserts.
Gummies Edibles Being Made Vancouver

Mushroom Edibles

Decades of research have shown the various benefits of psilocybin to mental health and overall wellbeing. We have developed the most exceptional, finely cured edibles to fuel all your micro-dosing adventures. Whether you’re looking to amp up your energy, fuel your creativity, or loosen your stress, psilocybin can deliver the mystical effects you seek.
Concentrates Being Made Canada


Concentrates offer a different experience from other forms of cannabis in terms of texture, consumption, and overall feeling. From oil cartridges to isolate powders, we have a unique selection of high-quality concentrates designed to target and relieve a variety of symptoms.
Canadian Bud Nug

Flowers & Bud

As versatile as it is beautiful, flower is the most popular form of cannabis. Organically grown and processed, our flower is native to our beloved British Columbia, well-known for the quality and potency of its cannabis offerings.

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We strive to provide dedicated care, service, and top quality, premium grade cannabis products directly to our clients.

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